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Entrust your goods to us.


FEA outsourcing  is a professional service that allows you to transfer non-core functions of your company (foreign economic activity) to another company specializing in this area. A few words about the main advantages of outsourcing with our company.


Outsourcing of foreign economic activity is nothing more than  the main business function of an outsourcing company. Having provided full outsourcing of foreign economic activity with the execution of documents for the customer's company or for the outsourcer company, drawing up and signing a foreign economic contract, the outsourcer guarantees the security of supporting the entire transaction from the initial stage to full completion. This allows the customer to focus as much as possible on the core development and promotion of the company's main products to the market, which will ensure a higher level of competitiveness.

At the moment, outsourcing is considered the most demanded service in the field of foreign economic activity. Companies whose activities are related to the wholesale and retail trade in foreign-made goods or using imported materials and raw materials have the opportunity to radically optimize their budget.

In the absence of sufficient knowledge and experience, companies that have embarked on the difficult path of foreign economic activity for the first time may encounter a lot of nuances in obtaining a package of permits for imports. Documents vary depending on the commodity group: certificate of origin of goods, certificate of quality, invoice confirming the shipment of goods (bill of lading), export declaration. A quarantine certificate is required to confirm that the goods (of plant or animal origin) are free from viruses and pathogenic bacteria. FEZ and other permits and conclusions of commissions (for example, commissions on radio frequencies).


What does FEA outsourcing include?

The KLT-SpetsPostavka company provides a full range of logistics services in the field of foreign economic activity from the moment of purchasing goods abroad to its delivery to your warehouse in Russia. As part of foreign economic activity outsourcing, we carry out the following operations together with the customer:

  • The customer finds the goods necessary for him and his manufacturer, supplier;

  • correspondence and negotiations on the price of goods and terms of payment, delivery;

  • If necessary, payment and receipt of product samples for quality assessment, certification;

  •  conclusion of supply contracts;

  • legal registration of a foreign trade transaction;

  • registration of permits, certificates, etc.;

  • transfer of funds to the supplier in accordance with the terms of payment under the contract;

  • foreign economic activity logistics - a set of measures for organizing the delivery and "customs clearance" of goods in Russia (payment of fees and duties).

  • Shipment of goods to the Customer.


    We have currency accounts in two banks.

  • EUR

  • USD

  • SHF 


     % Usually, the cost of bank transfer fees and possible exchange losses is 1.0-1.0-1.

Are you afraid to contact Export? Together we'll make it.

For companies that have found buyers for their products abroad:

  • We will provide our foreign currency accounts for payment

  • We will pay for your products in rubles

  • We will find a convenient way to deliver your products to the Buyer

  • We will clear the goods at customs in the "export" mode

  • We will discuss the general commissions for VAT refunds.

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