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Restrictions after February 24, 2022

After February 24, 2022, the European Union, the United States and a number of other states imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation.
KLT-Special Delivery always adheres to and complies with international laws and restrictions.

We have fulfilled all our obligations, taken before February 24, for the supply of production equipment, components and spare parts for the equipment supplied, which were included in the restrictive list.

From March 21, 2022, we are ready to consider the possibility of supplying goods that are not included in the list of US and EU directives that prohibit or restrict exports to Russia.

Today, our priority is the supply of medical equipment and spare parts for such equipment for civilian hospitals and private medical clinics. Provision of necessary medical consumables. Supply of prostheses and devices for the disabled.


- COUNCIL REGULATION (EU) 2022/576 of 8 April 2022

- US license for transportation of medical goods GENERAL LICENSE NO. 6B 


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